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Which drivetrain should I choose? The traditional 9-speed derailleur from Shimano or the single speed belt drive from Gates?

Belt drives have the great advantage of being almost maintenance-free. In addition, they are lighter, quieter and cleaner than a derailleur. In short words your clothes don’t get any drivetrain dirt on them. In addition, this form of drive is less complex and has a longer life. The downside is that you can’t shift between different gears, which can require a bit more effort from you on longer climbs.

Derailleurs have the advantage of giving you more flexibility when going uphill, as you can choose the gear that suits you best – with as well as without motor assistance. Also, any mechanic knows how to fix them. On the other hand, a chain is dirtier, heavier and requires more maintenance (e.g., cleaning, applying new lubricant, etc.).

Bottom line: if you live in a hilly region and like to do some longer tours, a derailleur is more advantageous. However, if you live in a flatter region and use your bike primarily for commuting/riding around town, the Gates belt drive is a good choice.

It’s best to just try it out at one of our BZEN Ambassadors or official service partners: test ride | BZEN Bikes

Is it possible to buy the outlet e-bikes with different equipment?

Outlet bikes are exclusively bundled with the provided equipment, as they are already assembled and packaged. This means that it's not feasible to install an alternative battery or drivetrain different from what is already included.

Where can I do my bikes maintenance and repairs if needed?

You can have your bike inspected or serviced at any bicycle shop or one of our authorized Service Partners. All the components on our e-bikes are sourced from top-quality brands that are readily available in the market, making them repairable or replaceable at any bike shop. In the rare event that your local bike shop or Service Partner is unable to perform the necessary repair, we offer a complimentary pick-up service to bring the bike to our European factory for repair, all free of charge (within warranty).

What is the quality of the Outlet bikes?

Every e-bike in our Outlet inventory has undergone a thorough examination and assessment by our skilled technicians, ensuring that they are in impeccable riding condition. The e-bikes from our previous collection are like new and show no indications of prior use. Refurbished e-bikes may have some minor cosmetic imperfections. These e-bikes served as demonstration models during trade fairs and at our shop but have been rigorously inspected, tested, and certified by our technicians, guaranteeing their flawless mechanical condition.

What is the warranty and return policy for Outlet e-bikes?

Upon the delivery of your BZEN outlet e-bike, you are entitled to the 15-day return policy. All outlet bikes come with 1 year warranty. It's important to be aware that the cosmetic imperfections cannot be considered as manufacturing defects covered by the warranty during the warranty period.